About Mtel Connect


Who is the owner of Mtel Connect?

Mtel Connect is owned by Tebogo Motswai. A qualified engineer with a passion for providing services to those in underserviced areas


When was Mtel Connect established?

Mtel Connect Was established in 2015.


Is Mtel Connect a registered business?

Yes, Mtel is a fully registered business.


Where are the Mtel Connect offices?

The Mtel Conenct offices can be found at 126 Club Road; Walkerville, 1876

About Our Product


What is the the R299 on the gazeebo in reference to?

the R299 on our promotional material is representative of an inclusove price for our rental option.


How do the various product differ?

Not only does Mtel Connect offer customers both a pay-as-you-use option but we also provide the customer with the option to rent our products on a 12 month contract. Other than that, the main difference in the different packages is the allocated internet speed provided to the customer.


How long are your contract periods?

We offer 12 month contracts as well as an option to pay in full upfront.


Is there a compulsary notice period before cancelling the service? 

There is no notice needed when opting out of the pay as you use service. 1 months notice must be provided before cancelling the rental service as well as the return of all property provided by Mtel Connect.


Is the Internet Connection Strong? 

Yes! We provide a well managed and dedicated product to all of our customers.

About Our Technology


What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Fixed Wireless Internet referes to a high-speed, reliable internet service for rural and underserved areas. Internet is sent from the main access point to individual receivers installed at businesses, farms, and homes.


What Does Installation Entail?

Our installation entails Mtel Connect setting up the hardware needed for the customer to access the internet, such as dishes and the likes. We also program the software so the customer has a ready to use connection by  time we leave their premises.


What is a Line of Sight?

Fixed wireless interent uses a process in which the signal used to access the internet is sent directly to a dish from a network tower. The line of sight refers to the ability for the network tower to reach the dish with out interference, such as buildings or trees.


What are the Advantages of Fixed Wirelress Internet? 

An established fixed wireless internet set up is direct and stable. Furthermore, there is no need for cable infrastructure such as fibre.


What are the Limitations of Fixed Wirelress Internet? 

The line of sight technology is particulary sensitive to obstructions such as trees and even severe weather. Load shedding also proves difficult as it can interupt power supply to our network towers thus effecting internet connections for the surrounding areas.


Do you use cell phone network providers for internet? 

Mtel Connect uses its own network as well as network provided by non-traditional ISPs.


Can I Move With My Dish if I Relocate.

If the custmor has yet to fulfill the contractual obligations the property will still belong to Mtel Connect and can not be moved, however if the contract has been concluded and or the customer pays for the equipment upfront then the equipment becomes their property to do with as they wish.